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EK Cleaning Service is a professional maid and cleaning services company that serves residences Cook County.

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For many women, kitchens are the second most messy and un-clean places of the house that needs a powerful scrubbing every day! But no, fully cleaning it once a month would not require such a thing later. By thoroughly cleaning the kitchen I mean a devoted service of maximum two days, divided equally and burdened less. Next comes the bathroom, another one of the places that tires the life out of one when he attempts to clean it. Firstly, put your cleaning tools locked in a cupboard in the bathroom to avoid the constant trips of downstairs and start with bathtub and shower at regular intervals, the sink and surrounding, the toilet and finally the bathroom floor.

When somebody comes over, it's a must for the surroundings to look as tidy as possible. And thus, includes the carpet lying beneath. Carpet cleaning can be done through vacuuming, cleaning up spills at once and using those dust mats at the entrance to get all dirty instead of your new carpet.

Cleaning house cannot be as much difficult as it may seem, if organized and timed perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work!